aids gala vienna 2010

"Denial of Death Part 2" a performance created by Penny Arcade and Antony Rizzi. for an aids benefit in conjunciton with Impulstanz Festival and the World aids conference in Vienna July 2010.
Thank you Antony, Penny and Dancewebber-.

photos from 'connect' event in Osaka

I didn't succeed but I know the reason. I used a lot of materials which I never used before.
( videos , panel, tv, micro with effect, led, mask etc...)
Recently I went to listen the workshop fo William Kentridge( Kyoto Prize. He describes about his experience of life as "process of creative failures and deviations".

Some parts of this piece, I want to develop. After I came back to Japan, I already spent 2 months. I have to find my new place for living.