Finished our essais's showing and photo of impact

I just finished my presentation .I showed my solo,trio and 2 short films.Also I danced for my friend,Michelle's work.Last show,we did duo which using paper.This time,Michelle and I didn't dance together.But in her work and my work,we used paper in different way.She used many paper,and we moved under the paper.And I used washi which is japanese paper, and used shadow.
From Berlin,Jeremy Wade came and he helped my work.It was changed a lot with him.Maybe for feburary,my trio will show in Berlin.

And today I moved to new house.Until June 2010,I gonna live in this house.When I came,I didn't imagine that I will stay in angers more than 1 year.But we talked a lot in group and CNDC staffs.Then we got chance to continue to work in here more 6 months.It's so nice for me.

I got photos from pact zollverein ,essen.I got a nice time in here also.I met some young artists.And I really want to come back to pact with them.(photo by Dirk Rose)

In november,some of essais presented our works at musee des beaux-arts,angers.I showed my work called ori-mi.(photo by Anatole from FAC,CNDC)