Berlin Affair

* 1. a matter that has been attended to or that needs attention; 2. an event or occurrence that has been referred to or is known about; 3. a social event; 4. an object or item of a particular kind; 5. a sexual relationship between people not married to each other; 6. an incident that attracts public attention or notoriety.


THE AFFAIR is an opportunity for illicit artistic activities, unforeseen liaisons among unmarried parties and agreed open relationships. THE AFFAIR is a two week event or series of occurrences, that will come into being through a heterarchal structure of communication and organization. It is initiated by dance-related artists working and creating within exiting education structures. Our AFFAIR is a plural format event activated by participants proposals. It is a coming together that will take place through a various forms including workshops, lectures, performances, discussions, editorials, parties.


THE AFFAIR started as a cooperation between ESSAIS students from CNDC, Centre national de danse contemporaine, Angers (FR) and students from HZT, Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz – Pilotprojekt Tanzplan Berlin.

This event 'Affair' welcome to people to join for class,workshop.(need to send mail to

And there is screenings on 13 Feb from 19:00 p,m at Alte Kantine

performances on 19 and 20 Feb 19:00 p,m at Uferstudios

It will start from 11 Feb until 25 Feb.

photo is one of my next project