FRAC des Pays de la Loire ,in carquefou

Some of Essais(choreography course in angers,france)will present our works which relate with this expositions on 9 May.
I will dance in space of Spencer Finch.He inspired by Japanese garden.So my plan is..

HANAMICHI( a flower path) solo, 5-10 min

Lit.flower path.A long elevated walkway on the left side of a kabuki theater,extending from the rear of the audience to the stage.There're two walkway.A honhanamichi 'main walkway' on the right-side and karihanamichi on the left-side.The two hanamichi allowed for very complicated and unique performances.Because hanamichi runs through the audience,it brings the spectatoirs in closer contact with the actors and heightens the excitement .Because the actors play some of their most dramatic parts while entering or exiting along the hanamichi.

For example the famous stylized 'Roppo exit on the hanamichi is the dramatic technique that symbolically expresses aspects of the character's walking or running by exaggerating the movements of hands and feet. The Kitsune-roppo gestures are those of a fox. Keisei-roppo hand movements are big like those of a male thief , and the foot movements like those of a courtesan.

While I'm passing the all walkways, I will use famous styles on the Hanamichi to invite you to a Japanese garden.

My mother used to do traditional Japanese dance.But I don't have a talent.I still take time for research and I changed music.I'll dance with the music of Kinshi Tsuruta's 'Yoshitune'.So I saw 'Benkei'(kabuki)and 'Yoshitune senbon zakura'(jyoururi).I miss Kyoto.If I go back to Japan,I really want to see the stage of Tamasaburo Bando. Anyway I like 'Sagimusume'.

LE DIMANCHE 9 MAI de 15h à 18h, au Frac
le Frac des Pays de la Loire propose le 9 mai de 15h à 18h un programme de danse, son et vidéo dans et autour des expositions de Spencer Finch, Neal Beggs et Dominique Blais.

Dominique Blais invite Emmanuelle Gibello pour une création sonore, Love is a chaotic loop. Interprétation : Emmanuelle Gibello et Mathias Delplanque.
Cet événement est proposé en partenariat avec HUB, dans le cadre du cycle Modulation(s).

FLASH DANSE : Performances
Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz, Michelle Mourra, Meri Otoshi, Emilie Sri Hartati Combet, Yaïr Barelli, Mohamad Abbasi
Cet événement est proposé dans le cadre d’un partenariat entre le Frac, et le Centre national de danse contemporaine Angers avec les étudiants de la formation ESSAIS de l’Ecole supérieure du CNDC.

Dominique Blais propose un «portrait» du trompettiste Gordon Allen qui met en lumière un ensemble de paramètres (l’instrumentation, la gestuelle, l’interprétation, l’appropriation de l’instrument, la performance, le rythme, le son, le silence) au travers du prisme de la caméra.

Les expositions de Spencer Finch, Dominique Blais et Neal Beggs seront ouvertes pendant ces événements.

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